Our stunning bi-fold doors here in Ruislip offer market-leading outlooks with ultra-slim sight lines and concealed hardware. Our slimline bi-folding doors will make a stunning and valued addition to your property with a choice of stylish designs as well as being guaranteed a high-quality performance.
Our panoramic doors are a stylish way to bring the outdoors in with a wide choice of opening configurations, colours and finishes. With a uPVC bi-folds and aluminium bi-fold doors in Ruislip, you are guaranteed to find the door of your dreams.

Bi-Fold Doors, Ruislip

We provide a choice of materials with uPVC bi-fold doors from Eurocell and aluminium bi-fold doors from Origin.
The Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors
● Bespoke British Hardware
● Guaranteed Performance
● Stylish & Wide Opening
● Low U-Values

Innovative Design

Bi-folding doors can create up to 90% of open space when they are fully retracted. They are an excellent way of opening up your home and creating extra living space.
These doors fold back to just a few inches of opening and can be manufactured up to an impressive 6 metres wide. This offers you a simple, yet beautiful way to enhance your environment for that ‘wow’ factor for a seamless entrance between rooms.
Every house needs a personal touch in order to become a home. Our modern bi-fold doors offer maximum versatility to help you enjoy and expand your home in a way that works the best just for you. We offer a choice of folding and opening configurations so that you can customize how you want it to work.
With a wide-open space with enhanced light and air, our double glazed bi-folding doors will instantly create a contemporary look and feel. These doors give you an uninterrupted space, which stretches from home to garden.
Their sleek profile will enhance light and space without anything to obscure your view. Our slimline bi-fold doors slide back with the slightest touch and fold all the way back to give you a continuous ‘garden room.’ You can choose to fit your bi-folding doors anywhere in your home or wherever you need access to your patio and garden area.

Choice of Material

We offer impressive bi-folding doors in uPVC as well as Aluminium. Both materials have their own sets of advantages. You can choose the one that satisfies your needs best.
With uPVC bi-fold doors, you get a cost-effective option to make your home look stylish. As these doors tend to be extremely thermally efficient, they will give you heat and weather protection. We offer a vast range of colours and finishes for you to replace wooden doors if you wish to. This way you can keep the timber outlook of your home consistent.
Aluminium bi-fold doors, on the other hand, may be pricier than uPVC but offer fantastic strength and slimmer sightlines. The sturdy aluminium frames can be slimmer than other materials, giving you more glass and more sunlight. These sleek doors will last a long time without requiring much care or maintenance.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

The only fully certified uPVC bi-fold door, Eurocell’s advanced bi-folding system offers technical excellence as standard. These doors offer eye-catching good looks. Our uPVC bi-folding doors have been designed with slimmer frames so they are less obtrusive. This allows you to see less of your door and more of your garden. Our doors even feature hidden gaskets with patented trim to hide seals between the door leaves.
With wide openings you can really bring the outside in, Bi-folding doors can create the perfect ambience. Depending on which door configuration you choose, you can really employ opening positions for refreshing ventilation. Our uPVC bi-fold doors will bring you the space and low-maintenance luxury of modern living.

Easier Operations and Accessibility with uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

A built-in four rail aluminium roller track glides smoothly and effortlessly for simpler access and opening. Featuring a clever D shaped interior handle, our uPVC bi-fold doors allow the door to fold back flatter and neater. An anti-mishandling feature is also installed, which stops your floor from being scraped by the shoot-bolts and protects the bolts from being damaged and needing replacement.

A low threshold option is also provided in order to have easy access between internal and external environments. We offer various threshold options for those requiring a flusher-fit. Our external doors are available with three low-threshold options, including a double ramp threshold which is Part M compliant and allows easy pushchair and disabled access.

Highly Secure Bi-Folding Doors

Our uPVC bi-folds are the first of BBA approved on the market to achieve both statuses. Our doors offer enhanced security features, which have also earned them the PAS 24 security certification. Stainless steel anti-jemmy pins guarantee the doors cannot be removed from the outside ensuring your complete safety.

Weatherproofing with Bi-Folding Doors

With a square edge profile, which provides a superior seal along the door edges, all our uPVC bi-fold doors are manufactured with extremely weathertight. Our doors far exceed the requirements set out by British Standards, surpassing the requirements for construction, security safety, weather tightness and strength of performance.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Our aluminium bi-folds in Ruislip are a stylish and modern addition to any property in Ruislip and the surrounding areas. These doors are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium, constructed with a great deal of care and attention to the finest details. This way, we emphasise the minimalist beauty of these amazing doors.
Origin’s advanced bi-folding system offers technical excellence as standard, providing a modern-living home-improvement solution so that these doors offer astonishing durability and fantastic thermal performance. The deal becomes even better when you consider the competitive double glazed aluminium bi-fold door prices. It’s not to be missed!
This elegant style of aluminium doors can be completely retracted in order to open up your living space with a seamless entrance to the outside. Expand your home today with our top-of-the-range bi-folding doors, offering large glass panes and slim sightlines.

Modern Bi-Fold Doors

If you are looking to maximise the natural light in your property, most top security and improve the energy efficiency of your property, our aluminium bi-fold doors will be just right for you. These doors are designed to complement both traditional and modern properties with their attractive slim profiles that maximise the natural light entering your Ruislip home. In spite of their slim and elegant appearance, our modern bi-fold doors offer maximum security and strength.
No other doors can offer what Aluminium bi-fold doors can, which is an added sophistication that matches the appearance of your Ruislip home. They impart a somewhat executive and contemporary appearance that is the result of a well-thought-out design and the highest quality aluminium. Guaranteed to add value to your Ruislip home, these doors are a real head turner!
Moreover, our aluminium bi-fold doors are available with slim sightlines. This makes them ideal for connecting your home to the outside world and presenting you with beautiful panoramic views.

Bi-Fold Doors – A Contemporary Design

As Aluminium bi-fold doors offer a contemporary design that improves not just the outlook but also the energy efficiency and security of your Ruislip home, they present a fantastic solution to your home improvement problems.
Origin has designed a truly panoramic folding door system, which redefines the border between the inside and the outside. The super slim sight-lines and narrow aluminium frame provide for a completely unobtrusive garden entrance.
When you choose us for your bi-folding doors in Ruislip, you can benefit from an enhanced view of your garden from the comfort of your home.
This versatile aluminium bifold door will transform a room, fluently merging internal and external thresholds.
Also, these doors come with high-quality locks and reinforced stainless steel hinges, which let our doors function effortlessly for years.
Aluminium bi-fold doors from Origin employ a unique running system. The high-quality, fully concealed, running gear is protected against tampering and completely weatherproof. Intricate aluminium technology is presented in a design, which breathes simplicity.

Secure Your Property With Bi-Fold Doors

Our Origin bi-fold doors are installed with Yale Shootbolt locks as standard and an 8-point-multipoint lock which fires steel bolts 20 millimetres into the top and bottom of the aluminium doorframes. Our doors are also fitted with a deadbolt, and an anti-lift latch mechanism.

These incredibly secure locks combined with the anti-tamper running systems and security hinges create the highest-security glass doors on the market. With our bi-folding doors, your property and your family are always protected.

Eco-Friendly & Thermally Efficient

As we are home improvement specialists, it is essential for us to supply all of our customers with aluminium bi-fold doors that are heat efficient. We give you doors that are designed and proven to save you money by lowering your expensive energy bills.

Our exquisite aluminium bi-fold doors are created from durable, sustainable materials. You can be assured that if you buy your aluminium doors from us you are transforming your home into a greener home.

These British-made aluminium bi-fold doors are built using only premium grade, 100% recycled aluminium. With these superior materials, you get bi-folding doors that provide unparalleled strength but remain lightweight.
The high-quality materials used in the fabrication process, combined with an innovative design, make for a completely weather tight glass door.
Triple and double-glazing options further improve the thermal abilities of the door keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer.

Double Glazed Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Double glazing is a simple technology that can give fantastic benefits. If it is done properly, it can help to protect your Ruislip home better, which leads to you spending less energy on heating or cooling your rooms.

Fortunately, we have decades of experience in the field of double glazing!

Our in-house team of highly trained and experienced glazers share a wealth of experience between the finest installers of double glazing in Ruislip and surrounding areas.

Essentially two panes of glass are placed at an accurately measured distance within the frame of our aluminium bi-fold doors. Each pane of glass is heavily reinforced in order to achieve complete strength and safety. The distance between the glasses must be precise in order for the technology to work.

The two panes of a glass trap a thin layer of air between them, which cannot move, nor escape. This layer of air creates what is often referred as a thermal blanket, a layer of insulation within your aluminium bi-fold door, which prevents cold air from entering your home and your heating from escaping.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Safety Features

Choosing a new door can seem like an overwhelming experience. But in here, we make the choice easier as we promote safety in all of our products. Choosing an aluminium bi-folding door is ideal for families in Ruislip and the surrounding with young children.

Child safe gaskets and slam-proof magnets are integrated into the build of our aluminium bi-folding doors to prevent anybody from being hurt. The master door is also secured by a heavy-duty, magnetic catch in order to prevent the doors from slamming shut on little fingers. We install our double glazed doors with your surroundings and preferences in mind.

Bespoke Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

A number of configurations and bespoke designs are available for this dynamic aluminium bi-fold door profile. Choose from two to eight door sets with either inward or outward opening formations. We also offer the full extent of RAL colours and many finishes so your new doors can seamlessly blend with your property.

Bespoke size options and low thresholds are also available for the ease of access.
A set of our aluminium bi-fold doors can be fitted almost anywhere in your Ruislip home. Whether this is on a versatile wall between internal living spaces or a tailor-made entrance to your garden area or patio, we will deliver a result that transforms your home.

10-Year Warranty

We are so confident in Origin and they are as well confident in the quality and durability of these stunning bi-fold doors that they offer a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee with every installation. That is two whole decades! Each carefully crafted aluminium bi-folding door has its own unique serial number providing for a 10-year warranty upon registration. You can always contact us for more information.

Bi-Fold Door Prices, Ruislip

If you prefer to speak to one of our advisers in person, we will give you any information you need on our products, talk about our building procedures and give you a no-obligation quote over the phone.


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