Our bespoke collection of composite doors brings you individual style, innovative materials and exceptional efficiency right to your doorstep, making our composite doors in Ruislip the ideal way to make an entrance.

Behind their classic outlook, you will find advanced engineering and technology combined in order to bring exceptional performance to your home. All our composite front doors and back doors are designed to provide a classic appearance and everlasting strength.

Composite Doors Ruislip

Other than offering classic good looks, our composite doors are also built to provide exceptional strength and security. Our elegantly crafted composite doors will add heaps of style and value to your home.

A Quick Look At The Benefits:

● High Security
● Draught Proof Design
● A Choice of Colours
● Low Threshold
● Superior Strength and Security

Composite Doors Designed For Strength and Style

Our composite doors connect the gap between traditional timber doors and modern uPVC doors with a combination of pioneering, composite materials. The outer skin is made from a highly durable glass reinforced plastic (GRP) with a rigid foam core. This makes our composite doors virtually draught-free and soundproof so you can enjoy a quieter and warmer home.

Perfect Alternative To Hardwood

Our superb doors offer the traditional and elegant appearance of natural wood but also provide the strength and security of a modern uPVC door.

Low Maintenance

It is hard to find a product, which requires very little maintenance. Our composite doors only need occasional cleaning to maintain their stunning looks, but their actual beauty will never fade. A tough exterior skin makes them less likely to be scratched or dented, especially when compared to steel-faced doors.

They will never require re-painting or varnishing and are fully weather-proof because of a triple weather seal. This seal includes an external gasket and two wool pile barriers, which keep the outside elements at bay successfully.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our composite doors provide exceptional energy efficiency with a B rating as standard. This is all because of the genius rigid foam insulation core and solid GRP outer layer. Our doors hold up to 6 times the heat of a timber door.

Moreover, our doorframes also feature thermal inserts, which are made from 100% recycled uPVC for enhanced sustainability as well as thermal efficiency. We also offer A-rated options for those after an even higher thermal efficiency.

Higher Security

Our composite doors give you the security you need. After all, the main responsibility of your door is to protect you, your family and possessions from intruders and damage.

Our composite doors are built to resist the pressure. With the very latest multi-point locking technology, our doors give you superior security. The latest anti-bump and anti-snap cylinder lock with cylinder guard are also featured, ensuring your security at the highest level.

Vibrant Colours

Add a splash of colour to your property and choose from our large selection of colour finishes. We have colours to match any style of property. The collection features a realistic wood grain finish in a wide variety of stylish, distinctive colours.

From luxurious red to earthy green and subtle grey, you can choose whatever colour you would want to make it personal. All our doors are white on the inside as standard but dual colour option is offered as well.

Quality Glazing

Our classy glazing is available in a choice of styles and designs, meaning you can match any door to suit your home. This includes bold half glazing styles through to contemporary arches and traditional designs with decorative art.

Whether you are after a classic design or prefer geometric shapes and colourful patterns, we have the perfect style for you. All our glazing is made from the highest quality materials for the best possible finish.

Door Furniture

We have a wonderful choice of door furniture and accessories. This includes a choice of Gold, Silver, Satin Silver, Satin Black and White handles, letterboxes and door knockers – all made from stainless steel. Not only do our accessories look wonderful but they also are highly durable, giving you performance for up to 25 years.

Why Choose Our Composite Doors in Ruislip?
● Advanced Security
● Draught Proof Design
● Aluminium Low Threshold Options
● Weather tight
● A Wide Choice of Styles, Colours & Glazing
● BM Trade Q-Mark Certification – so you know you are receiving quality at every stage.
● Composite Doors Surrey

There are even more colours are available for our composite front doors and back doors now. Choose from a wide range of glazing options and furniture to create the perfect look for your home. There are options for every property with a beautiful choice of handles, letterboxes and doorknockers.

Composite Doors Prices Ruislip

Obtaining your non-obligation composite door quote could not be easier. Call us for a bespoke quote.


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